Wife Makes The Rules

In a wife led marriage it is accepted that the wife with make the rules for the husband to obey and follow. The level of rules will vary in each relationship as some women are more strict and demanding then others. Making sure the rules are followed and obeyed exactly as the wife wants is an important part of the wife led marriage.

Some women will have more rules to follow then other women. Training the men how he must follow the rules takes time and often discipline. Some men will learn faster then other men how to follow the rules.

It is sometimes a good idea to write the rules down and make sure they are displayed in a place where the husband can read them every day. It may also be a good idea to make the husband set aside 20 minutes each day to study the rules.

The wife may even expect the husband to remember all the rules word for word. Rules in a wife led marriage are important and form the basis of a good relationship.

In some households, the wife makes the rules for the entire family, including the husband. She is in charge of how the finances are handled, the schedules, family time, chores, routines, the household is her domain and she is the queen.

Now this might sound strange as itís considered normal for the husband to be in charge or for both partners to make decisions equally, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Who knows more about how to manage a household, the man or the woman? Who is naturally a better leader, delegater, and organizer? Who is more likely to get everything done right the first time, on time, every time? You guessed it, the wife. So why not give her the power to make the rules?

Now of course, this concept can be taken much further. There are wife led marriages that simply rely on the wifeís natural abilities to run a household smoothly and it ends at that. But many wife led marriages are more intense and consist of a Dominant wife over a Submissive husband. She doesnít just help him organize his schedule or ask him to do a few chores, she is in complete control over his life and makes all the rules for him.

Dominant wives typically are in charge of their Submissive men completely, although there are varying degrees of this as well. But for many, the wife decides if the man works, when he leaves the house, what chores he does, what he eats, even what he wears. She makes these rules for him because she best understands what he needs and wants, and he desires submitting and letting someone else be in charge at home. For the woman, she is able to spread her wings and use her natural leadership powers in a role she truly shines at. For the man, he can relax and experience sheer bliss as he is freed from all responsibility and can simply enjoy begin in someone elseís control.

Some wife led marriages also include some aspect of male sissification, meaning the man will be expected to dress in womenís clothing, wear makeup, modify his voice, and even wear a chastity device. These types of relationships also typically include Dom and Sub play in the bedroom, female worship, obedience training including denial for the male, and humiliation play. These activities are all intended to place the female in the power role and prove her overt dominance over the male.

Women are amazing leaders, amazing organizers, and are naturally better at being in charge. Itís only natural that some men would recognize this greatness and want their wives to take charge. Every woman should realize her true potential and start to take more control around her own home. Ladies, you deserve it, and itís only natural for you to take your rightful place and shine!

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