Wife Humiliates Husband

For some wives in a wife led marriage they enjoy the pleasure of humiliating their husband. They may humiliate their husband both in private as well as in public places for other people to see. The level and way they humiliate their husband will depend on the wants of the wife.

Some wives may like to do mild humiliation of their husband but other wives might enjoy heavy humiliation. The forms of humiliation may vary with each couple. For many it may be verbal humiliation, but for other it may include physical humiliation.

It should be noted that many submissive husbands want and like the feeling of a wife that humiliates them. If you are considering a wife led marriage it would be a good idea for both to talk about this. Humiliation may add both happiness and pleasure to the marriage.

For many wives the use of humiliation is a good tool in training their husbands to be more obedient. Some women like to set things for their husband to do in public while they watch from a distance and laugh. Other women just love to verbally abuse their husband in front of other people. It may be a case of trying a few ways out to find out what works best in your marriage.

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