Wife Dating Other Men

For some men in a wife led marriage they will find that after marriage their partner still will date and sleep with other men. This does not mean all women in a wife led marriage date other men, but some do. The wife may only occasionally date other men, but some women will date a lot of men outside the marriage.

Some wives may prefer to only date on a casual basis with other men but some will like to have several long term relationships with men outside the marriage. It is generally accepted that the husband will know and agree to his wife dating other men.

The wife will sometimes like to introduce her lovers to her husband. She may even get her husband to buy gifts for her lovers and say thankyou to them. This may be a form of humiliation that the wife loves to do to the husband and it may be something he needs and wants in the marriage.

In some cases the wife will date other men but keep this secret from the husband. It is often a good idea for the wife to tell the husband about her other lovers and involve him in what is happening.

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