Wife Controls Husbands Orgasm

Many women in a wife led marriage like to have strict control over their husbands orgasm. It may be said this control is part of such a relationship. The wife may decide when a husband is allowed to orgasm or not allowed. As such during love making the husband may be denied to allowed to have an orgasm.

Orgasm training can take a lot of time and discipline. Often the wife may use both verbal and strict physical discipline to train the husband in orgasm control. The use of a chastity device is also part of orgasm control.

The wife may deny the husband an orgasm for weeks or even months. The control of the orgasm may be used as a form of reward or punishment. If the husband is obedient and serving well he may be rewarded with being allowed to have an orgasm. But if he has not served well he may be denied.

For the submissive husband it can be a good feeling to be controlled by his wife this way. It is a good sign of obedience and submission in a wife led marriage.

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