When you are dating a bossy woman the thought of getting married will soon be on your mind. Research has shown that men will marry a bossy woman faster then a submissive women. Men feel happier to marry a bossy woman because they feel more stable in the relationship and a greater chance of happiness in life. Many submissive men will also rush into the chance to marry a bossy woman.

Marriage is a commitment for life, so it is a good idea to think and talk things through together on this. Once married your life will be one of serving and obey your wife.

One thing that needs to be considered is the level of submission you will give your future wife. Is it a complete level of submission or will there be only a part level of submission. You best find out exactly what she is seeking on that. Will she make all the decisions on her own, or will you have input on certain things.

What level of obedience will you give to your new wife. Are you willing to learn everything there is about obeying a bossy woman.

When you marry a bossy woman she will also control the finances. Expect to have your salary deposited into her bank account every week. She may allow you a small allowance each week but she will keep a close watch on that.

You will also be expected to do all the house cleaning, washing, ironing and other chores and errands. She will check to make sure you have done a good job of the chores she has given you. If anything is not up to her expectations you will soon find out the hard way.

Bossy Women Seeking Obedient Men


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