Many men these days are attracted to Bossy Women. In fact more men in ever increasing numbers are turning to bossy women so they may have a happy and real relationship. Research has shown that men who marry a bossy wife are more happy in their marriage and the marriage has a greater success rate. Men are also reporting the pleasure of learning to serve and obey a bossy wife. In fact, some research shows that 70 percent of men are seeking a bossy wife.

Bossy Women tend to have a number of well known traits when it comes to a relationship. Decisions
One thing you will soon find about dating a bossy woman is that they make all the decisions about the relationship and even about the way you live your life. The fact is a bossy woman knows what is best for you and it is a good idea that you understand and accept that. Do not bother to offer your opinion because it is worthless. You know nothing. The fact remains that the only opinion and decision that counts is that of a bossy woman.

Controlling your clothing
No need to worry about what style of clothes to buy or wear as this will all be controlled by the woman. She will tell you what to buy and what to wear. It does not matter if you like the clothes or not, the only thing that matters is what she likes.

Food Control
When dating a bossy woman you can forget all about eating the food you like. From now on she will tell you what food to eat, how much food to eat and when to eat.

Cell Phone Tracking
It wont be long after you get your new bossy girlfriend that she will install tracking software in your cell phone. This way she will know exactly where you are at any given moment. She will also make sure to have access to all your call records and the software will send her a copy of any text message you send others. If your smart you will offer to do this before she tells you.

Choosing your friends
Once you date a bossy woman you can expect to start losing your friends fast. She will soon make sure of that. Fact is you have no time for friends as all your time and effort must revolve around her. She will of course keep all her friends. It will only be you that is not allowed friends.

Making You Ask Permission
When you date a bossy women you will soon find yourself in a position that you will need ask her permission on everything before you are allowed to do it. The good news is the answer will be a simple yes or no. Though in most cases expect it to be a no. Eventually though this will not be a problem as you will learn that you have no right to ask for anything and that everything in your life will be managed and controlled by your girlfriend or wife.

There are many men in a wife led marriage that are serving as a slave husband. Often these husbands started out as a submissive and were trained by their wife to become a slave husband. In many cases the husband asked the wife if he could serve as a slave. For many dominant women they prefer it is the man that asks to be allowed to serve as a slave. These women love to watch their husband beg to be a slave.

Being a slave husband is for many a higher sign of dedication then being a submissive. Serving and obeying as a true slave husband for many men is the best experience in a wife led marriage. For the wife it may take her many months or years to train her husband to be a slave. The training may involve many things the main one of which is getting the husband in the correct slave mindset.

For the husband it is the ultimate commitment to become a slave. For those married couples thinking of taking this style of marriage it is best to talk things over first. There are many happy marriages where the husband serves as a slave.

Men Seeking Wife Led Marriage
An ever increasing amount of men are seeking a wife led marriage. The rise in more marriages that are wife led has allowed other men to gain an understanding of the benefits of this type of relationship. These in return is leading more men to seek out this type of relationship.

For those men already involved in a wife led marriage they are spreading the word to their friends. The internet has also allowed information to men who are interested in learning more about this style of relationship.
For many the question is what drives these men to seek such a marriage. There are many reasons and they will vary from man to man. For most it is the attraction of a strict and dominant woman. These men feel the need and desire to obey a strict wife.

Men in a wife led marriage are often naturally submissive to women. They have a deep inner desire to be controlled by a strict wife. A wife led marriage offers these men the happiness they desire and want in a marriage.

While many men proclaim to the be the ruler of the roost, the truth of the matter is that in the home, most women are the boss. They are the ones that take care of the house, do the chores and dictate responsibilities, even if they work outside the home. It’s just natural for most women to do this. Their natural leadership and organizational skills lend themselves to this type of work, and their compassion for their kids and husbands make them want to provide a warm, clean environment. So why do we still pretend that the man is in charge? Why don’t we let the women take the leading role and explore their dominant tendencies fully?

In some BDSM relationships, the men do recognize the superiority of their female partners, and they allow the wife to be the boss fully and completely. This type of relationship gives the power and the authority to the women fully, and allows her to run the home as she sees fit. In addition, the man recognizes that he is the lesser partner, and while he’s at home, he reverts to her guidance and will. This wife is the boss arrangement allows the woman free reign to explore her dominance in the home, and many women find that when given the power and responsibility to be in charge, they truly flourish.

With a wife is the boss relationship, the dominance doesn’t just stop with the chores and cleaning schedules. Women in these relationships take power fully, and while the man is at home, he does what she says. In fact, he only leaves the home because she allows him to do so. Men in these relationships take direction and obey their wives because they recognize her superior talents, but they also enjoy being submissive and letting someone else take the lead. They also get to enjoy the kink benefits of having a Dominant wife, and when the wife is the boss, what she says in the bedroom is the way it goes as well. The man is expected to please and cater to her needs first, and his goal is to make sure she’s fully satisfied.

Many women find that taking formally taking control and having their male partners recognize their dominance is the one thing they’ve been missing all their lives, especially for naturally superior, dominant women. Living a wife is the boss relationship can allow powerful women to rise to the occasion while their submissive husbands enjoy the freedom of following. It can lead to a harmonious and happy relationship where both partners get their deepest desires of dominance and submission met, and it can reduce the friction and tension that comes from pretending they want what society says is normal. For men and women that recognize this natural female dominance, a wife is the boss relationship is a wonderful arrangement that can create true bliss in the marriage.

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